Mad Love: A Course for Couples in a Committed Relationship

This six week course is for couples in a committed relationship and is offered to people who are prepared to be open, learn, and attend each class. This will be mainly lecture style with questions, so no uncomfortable group work! As a couple, you will be asked to do homework and practice between classes. There are audio and PDF handouts offered a part of this course.

When and Where:

Six Weeks: Wednesday Evenings - Oct. 30th to Dec. 6th/24 at my studio in Oak Bay


7:00 to 8:30

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Cost per couple

CA$ 285 

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Course Overview

The material from Living In Families Effectively, is taken from The Parent Child Connection Course and from my work as a couple's counsellor for 30 years. Many people think that they need to improve their communication. Interesting. Why wasn't that a problem when you first got together? Could it be that when you move past the romance stage, something jumps in front of those great skills. Why do ineffective, immature responses, show up with our loving other?

How does the nervous system impact our ability to resolve issues and have difficult conversations? What unconscious reactions get in the way? When is the past present? What becomes our story? What about attachment styles?

Course Content:

  • Relationship patterns to avoid and strategies to replace them. Attachment tendencies.
  • What is your unique temperament? How do you navigate your temperament differences as a couple?
  • How To Listen Effectively. Listening do's and don'ts along with self-managing in difficult conversations.
  • How to Speak. How do you state your boundaries or bring up a concern?
  • Conflict Resolution and Repair. The goal of harmony in a relationship is a mistaken goal. Many people are afraid of conflict which means they suppress the negative. When this happens, we also suppress the positive. Steps to resolving issues and finding repair is a healthy goal.
  • Boundaries. You can't have a loving relationship without boundaries. How do we identify boundaries and maintain them? What are they?

If you are prepared to do the work of showing up and making a commitment, go ahead and purchase your seats. If you aren't sure, please email me. This course is not a replacement to therapy but may give you the tune up you are looking for. Your dignity and privacy will be left intact. My style of teaching is to present material giving you concepts to work on through the week. This is education, not a support group.

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