In Person Course (Full)  Zoom Only - LIFE in Practice: A Course for Parents, Couples, and Individuals

Developing emotional intelligence and implementing these skills in your family, in your couple relationship, and at work, will have a positive impact on you and those around you. We will study: Effective Communication, Boundaries in Relationships, Conflict Resolution and Repair and Replacing Negative Patterns with Healthy Ones.


Eight Monday Nights, April 8th to May 20th, 2024


7:00 to 8:30 with in person option to go until 9:00 for group discussion.

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CA$ 185 

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Course Overview

The material from Living In Families Effectively, is taken from The Parent Child Connection Course. This is a study of all relationships and hidden patterns that play out coming from generations before us. If you are ready to step up your awareness, this is the course for you.

Ineffective communication by adults is the root cause of aggression, rebellion and low self-esteem in our kids.  It is just that simple.  In our intimate adult relationships, a lack of effective communication skills creates negative patterns. These patterns have been studied for decades by Dr. Murray Bowen, Dr. John Gottman and various researchers.

It isn't just about skills. You can have all the communication skills in the world and not have access to them at certain times and most likely, within your family. Why is this? How does the nervous system impact our ability to resolve issues and have difficult conversations? What unconscious reactions get in the way?

Course Content:

  • System's feelings, True Feelings and Thoughts - you must know the difference in order to bring a mature perspective to your approach.
  • How To Listen Effectively. Listening do's and don'ts along with self-managing in difficult conversations.
  • How to Speak. How do you state your boundaries or bring up a concern?
  • Conflict Resolution and Repair. The goal of harmony in a relationship is a mistaken goal. Many people are afraid of conflict which means they suppress the negative. When this happens, we also suppress the positive. Steps to resolving issues and finding repair is a healthy goal.
  • Boundaries. You can't have a loving relationship without boundaries. How do we identify boundaries and maintain them? What are they?
  • Self-Esteem. Perhaps the most important part of our development as our self-esteem influences every part of our life. From the relationships we have, the work we choose, and our physical and mental health.

A fascinating course covering practical tips to the more in-depth concepts.

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