LIFE: Living In Families Effectively

The Pillars of LIFE Seminars

Mastering Parenting: Empowering Communication, Understanding Behaviour, and Implementing Effective Discipline within Healthy Boundaries

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Boundaries and Family Systems

Establish healthy boundaries, boost self-esteem, and nurture a supportive family system for wholesome growth.

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With effective communication, you foster cooperation, emotional safety and clarity. Language is powerful and words matter.

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Understanding Behaviour

Understand your child's behaviour, uncovering insights for positive reinforcement and better emotional connection.

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Effective Discipline Means to Teach

Adopt effective disciplinary strategies, maintaining respect and love while instilling important life values.

Upcoming Classes

LIFE Seminars runs regular, in-person and Zoom-based courses to help people improve their relationships

IN PERSON CLASS: Tuesday Evenings, Nov. 2nd to Dec. 7th.23 Where: Monterey Centre

The Dance of Parenting

This course will take a deeper look at hidden patterns within families. Replacing a worried or anxious focus on a child with confident interest promotes resilience and growth.

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Monday Nights, Oct. 30th to Dec. 11th/23 7:00 to 9:00 - Seven Weeks

In Person Course/Zoom - LIFE in Practice: The Parent Child Connection meets Mad About You

The Parent Child Connection course dives into family dynamics and Mad About You is all about personal development. This will be an intimate course for people who have been through one or both of the LIFE courses or someone committed to personal growth. A small group led by Dr. Allison Rees in her studio on Oak Bay Avenue.

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Wednesdays, October 25th. To Dec. 13th/23

Zoom Course - Sidestepping the Power Struggle

This course turns things around for parents very quickly. Many parents struggle to understand their kid’s behaviour and feel like they are either failing as a parent or become focused on the idea that their is something wrong with their child. Find peace, answers and strategies in this dynamic course.

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About Allison Rees

Dr. Allison Rees has been teaching LIFE Seminars courses, counselling families, and training other professionals since 1993. She co-hosted a weekly radio show for twelve years, covering the LIFE material and interviewing many other educators in her field.

She is the co-author of two parenting books and countless audio books on parenting, intimate relationships, running and managing educational groups and personal development. She is the trusted voice of parenting in Victoria, B.C.

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