Temperament and Dysregulation

Conversation or Coercion

Mad Love - A Course for Couples

Group Faciliatation

Eight Week Tuesday Night classes in Oak Bay: Cutting Through Conflict

Sidestepping the Power Struggle: Eight Week Course, Wednesday Nights

The Effective Leader - How You Speak is How You Exist:

The After LIFE

1 Day Workshop in VANCOUVER: Sidestepping the Power Struggle

Me and My Boyfriend

6-Week Daytime Course: Living in Families Effectively

Eight Week Course - The Parent Child Connection: The Assertive Parent

5-Evening Workshop: Mad About You! A Couples Course

1 Day Workshop: Cutting Through Conflict

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Betty Tate, Coordinator of Association of Family Serving Agencies

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Parenting Teens

The Greeting Ritual

Mealtime Blues

Anger Chart - Healthy Process for dealing with Strong Emotions

An Adult Relationship

Saying "yes" to the Givens

7 Myths About Raising Teens

What Were You Thinking?

Pulling the Plug on Power Struggles

When Do They Become Responsible?

An Unfair Curfew?

Help! I've Messed Up My Kids!

Talking With Your Teen

Getting Teens to Be Responsible

Been There, Done That

Schooling versus Education

Trusting Your Teen

Ch - Ch - Changes

Smoking Teen

A Social Butterfly?

Consequences That Matter

Pretty and Modest

The ABCs of Family Responsibilities

Babysitting Themselves?

Picky Eater

Puberty Pains

"Let Me Stay Home"

People Call Him Gay

"I Don't Want To Go To Dad's House"

Watching What Your Child Watches

Bad Habits

Politeness or Phoniness?

Chores without the Struggle

Why Does He Lie?

Addictive Computer Games

Putting Peer Pressure in Perspective

Conquering the Mess

Stopping the Pushing

"Mom, can you buy me that?"

School Yard Politics

Separation Anxiety

Frustrated Father

Taking On the Teacher

Troublesome Ten

Social Viruses

Stealing and How To Handle It

Fighting Over Fashion

Obeying Parents, Obeying Peers

Becoming a Winning Loser

Mr. Know-It-All

Scary Thoughts

Nine-Year-Old Dropout?

Dealing with Rejection

"You Don't Love Me"

Lost in the Mall

Growling, Snarling and Biting

Wet Again?

Interrupting and Including

Scary Books

Can a 4-Year-Old Have an "Attitude"?

Prevention Works Better than Consequences

Where Has the Sleeping Dog Gone?

Surmountable Challenges

What To Tell Your Child About the Other Parent

The Sweet Tooth

Don't Leave Me

Time To Yourself?

The Morning Rush

Frustrating Four

Separation Anxiety

Lies of Exaggeration

Coming when called

Finish what you start

Bedtime, I Don't Think ...

Potty Problems

The Comforting Thumb

Balancing Needs At Bedtime

The Grieving Toddler